OPQMauka Installation


First, install the prerequisites.

Install Python

OPQ Mauka requires version 3.5 or greater of Python. It's suggested that you use your distribution's package manager to install Python 3.5 or greater if its available. Python 3.5 or greater can also be downloaded here.

Install the Python dependencies

  1. Use pip to automatically install the dependencies for this project by referencing the mauka/requirements.txt file
    pip install -r requirements.txt

Install the OPQ Mauka service (Debian based systems)

If you would like Mauka to start at boot, you must create a service for it. This documentation assumes that SysVinit is used and the start-stop-daemon binary is available (most modern Debian based distributions).

  1. Run the script util/mauka/mauka-install.sh as root
  2. The service will now start automatically at boot
  3. To start the service type sudo service mauka start
  4. To stop the service type sudo service mauka stop
  5. To restart the service type suer service mauka restart

Note: If you successfully create services for OS X or systemd, please let us know!

Running OPQ Mauka (non-Debian based systems)

  1. Run mauka/OpqMauka.py ```

    Enter the opq/mauka directory

    cd mauka

Run Mauka

python3 OpqMauka.py path_to_config.json


Testing OPQ Mauka

Regarding protobuf

Users do not need to compile protobuf for this component. The Mauka Python protobuf wrapper will be kept up to date with the source by the maintainers.

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