OPQMauka Installation


First, install the prerequisites.

Install Python

OPQ Mauka requires version XX of Python, available here ??.

Compile the OPQMauka ZMQ broker

  1. Run make in the mauka/MaukaBroker directory
  2. Set MaukaBroker to run as a service and start the service

Install the Python dependencies

  1. Use pip to automatically install the dependecies for this project by referencing the mauka/requirements.txt file
    pip install -r requirements.txt

Run OPQMauka

  1. Either create a service or run OpqMauka.py in a screen or tmux session
  2. Don't forget to pass a configuration file as a first argument when running
    python OpqMauka.py config.json

Regarding protobuf

OPQMauka will always keep a compiled version of the protobuf library in the repo and up-to-date. This way when you pull from github or download a release, you don't need to worry about installing or compiling protobuf yourself.

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